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The Forgotten Man - Jon McNaughton  


Not Natural Born - TRUTH MATTERS


Obama Debates Col. West on Islam


Fall In Love With America Again!


Former Immigration Official: "Government Has Blood On Its Hands."


Examples of Sharia Law in Minnesota  


Illegal Immigrant Votes in Election in Tennessee  




"Southern Exposure: Battle for the Border."


Three Things about Islam you did not know


Electro Magnetic Pulse


Funny Hilarious Commie Tunes: The Stimu-Less Bill - Obama Communist / Marxist / Socialist / Maoist


Illegal Alien Lawbreakers - Video shows amounts of illegal Aliens crossing into America


Hamas Terrorist Video 


Tennessee State Rep. Joe Carr (R-48) on Arizona and Illegal Immigration


Christians and Civil Disobedience 


Obama's thoughts on the New Black Panther case


Adams: DOJ's Handling of Case "Constitutes Corruption"


A solitary Marine holds vigil at full attention during the Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally in tribute to fallen comrades.


Why no one invades Switzerland


What Took So Long? (6-17-10)


Diamond Rio: In God We Still Trust


A ballistic missile from a foreign enemy would take 33 minutes to reach the United States.




This explains the reason the United States is in the shape it is!


Gene Simmons Military Tribute


OBAMA doesn't want you to see this


This is a MUST SEE video for anyone interested in the immigration debate, whether you are a citizen, an illegal alien or a Congressman. ... all


February 22, 2008 An explanation of the various forms of government, and why America is not a democracy.


Neat cartoon everyone should understand.


Government Schools vs Private Schools


L.A. Teacher Calls For Mexican Revolt in the U.S.


America Rising An Open Letter to Democrat Politicians (Note: Back again after disappearing)


Radical Immigration Reform Rally, Atlanta, GA



"King Obama" by Lenin and the Castros


DEA Agent Shoots Own Foot


700 Illegal Aliens Cross Border, One Path, One Month


Obama Calls In Riot Police On Peaceful Tea Party


Jon Voight's Letter to America


"Takin' Back Our Country" Joyce Shaffer


Hide the decline II - The Sequel


"Obama-Pelosi-Reid" David Barton


Mike Huckabee David Barton Founders of the Constitution 


Is The U.S. a Christian Nation? (1 of 2) - DEBATE


Is The U.S. a Christian Nation? (2 of 2) - DEBATE


The American Form of Government


 Michelle Obama: Barack's Home Country Is Kenya...


 Judge Andrew Napolitano Natural Rights and The Patriot Act part 1 of 3  


 Judge Andrew Napolitano Natural Rights and The Patriot Act part 2 of 3  


Judge Andrew Napolitano Natural Rights and The Patriot Act part 3 of 3 

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