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Rep. Trey Gowdy blasts Jay Carney and Ambassador Susan Rice: I want to know why we were lied to!

Uploaded 11/13/2012


We Remember

Uploaded 11/12/2012


A New Beginning...

Uploaded 11/9/2012



Uploaded 11/5/2012


The Project Part 1

Uploaded 10/2/2012


The Project Part 2

Uploaded 10/2/2012


Obama Un-narrated Documentary/Review (in his own words)

Uploaded 9/8/2012


Mr. Scam Man ~ Anti Obama Song

Uploaded 9/3/2012


Ted Nugent Warns: Feds Arresting Innocent Citizens Without Warrants

Uploaded 9/3/2012


Detroit in RUINS! (Crowder goes Ghetto)

Uploaded 8/25/2012


"Marxism in America" by Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. Boykin - OAK

Uploaded 7/22/2012


Farmageddon - The truth about the food and dairy industry

Uploaded 7/22/2012


Dinesh D'Souza CPAC 2012 Speech

Uploaded 7/15/2012


Operation Hot Mic

Uploaded 6/18/2012


Know the TRUTH about the Government Health Care Bill H.R.3200 - Key Points

Uploaded 6/3/2012


Obama FOX NEWS scathing 'attack' video REMOVED FROM FOXNEWS.COM - management!

Uploaded 6/3/2012


Video: Outrage: Secret Service Interrogates Obama Eligibility Activist

Uploaded 6/1/2012


Afterburner with Bill Whittle: Merchants of Despair

Uploaded 5/22/2012


Pilots For 9/11 Truth Presents "9/11 INTERCEPTED" - (Full Film) MUST WATCH!

Uploaded 5/12/2012


Romney Obama the Same?

Uploaded 4/24/2012


Tales from Fast and Furious: Murder of an American Citizen

Uploaded 4/19/2012


The Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth

Uploaded 4/13/2012


Obama and the Democrat Socialist Party - CommieTunes - Episode 12 - Communist / Marxist

Uploaded 4/13/2012


More from The New Black Panthers - You GOTTA listen to this.

Uploaded 4/10/2012


We Are EMR Guinea Pigs

Uploaded 4/10/2012


Gas Price Hypocrisy

Uploaded 4/10/2012


Obama Recycles Speeches (Just like 2014 will be!!)

Uploaded 4/7/2012


Obama Admin Cites 'Int'l Permission,' Not Congress, As 'Legal Basis' For Action In Syria

Uploaded 3/8/2012


What will happen if Obama is reelected

Uploaded 3/7/2012


Confirmed: Obama's Birth Certificate Not Authentic 2012

Uploaded 3/6/2012


>>>>>> MTV Martial Law Warnings <<<<<<

Uploaded 3/6/2012


This Chick Is Packin'! Gun Chick Jan Morgan Talks Women & Guns (Ep 26)

Uploaded 3/3/2012


Jan Morgan Censored By Facebook

Uploaded 3/1/2012


Cravaack Grills Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano

Uploaded 2/17/2012


>>>>>BLOCKBUSTER REVELATION! - MINI Documentary - Illegal Obama "Propped Up" By Congress!<<<<<

Uploaded 2/3/2012



Uploaded 1/27/2012


The Cato Institute Responds to President Obama’s State-of-the-Union Address

Uploaded 1/26/2012


Sen. Paul Delivers State of the Union Response - Jan. 24, 2012

Uploaded 1/25/2012


Steve Bridges as President Obama - August 2011

Uploaded 1/21/2012


Innocents Betrayed - The History of Gun Control - FULL LENGTH

Uploaded 1/14/2012

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