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2011.05.27 - FNC - America Live - Controversy Over Shooting of Former Marine (Did NOT Fire on SWAT) Welcome to America, now officially a police state. Can someone say Germany?


Dangerous Men


The American Dream Film-Full Length


G. Edward Griffin - The Collectivist Conspiracy


Justin's Collectivist vs Individualist Made Simple  

Collectivist = One living the same life as everyone else.

Individualist = One living their own life.  

Collectivist = Everyone lives is same type house, drives same type car and has the same money to spend. (Even though one works and another one don't.)

Individualist = One is free to own one's own home, drive any type car one desires and work where one desires. One is free to work hard, and make the money to have nice things, or one is free to be a bum and have nothing.  

Collectivist = One lives as the government dedicates.

Individualist = One lives as one desires.  

America was founded as an individualist nation, America is now a collectivist nation.


Netanyahu speaks to US Congress Pt 1 of 4


Netanyahu speaks to US Congress Pt 2 of 4


Netanyahu speaks to US Congress Pt 3 of 4


Netanyahu speaks to US Congress Pt 4 of 4


Queen humiliates President Obama at Buckingham Palace by refusing toast - May 24 2011


Tea Party Racism??


China's Ghost Cities and Malls


Cornerstone church "Honor to Israel" service disrupted!!!


Protesters Disrupt, Cry Out During Pastor Hagee's Sermon on Israel    


Obama El Paso Speech Marred By Illegal's Crossing


First Interview With Obama's Political Prisoner LTC Terry Lakin After Prison Release - 5/13/2011


Losing Our Community  Islam in Nashville TN  


America Under Judgment - Part 1 of 6


America Under Judgment - Part 2 of 6


America Under Judgment - Part 3 of 6


America Under Judgment - Part 4 of 6


America Under Judgment - Part 5 of 6


America Under Judgment - Part 6 of 6




Senator Charles Grassley on his Exchange with Attorney General Eric Holder


May 3, 2011 - Darrel Issa questions Eric Holder on Gunrunner


100% PROOF! Obama "RESOLVES" That He Is Not Eligible To Be President! (Condemning Info!)


How will our kids pay?


Obama Birth Certificate Scam? 2011-04-27 Obama


Black Panther Tells Kids, "We Need to Take the Fight to the Enemy"


Obama 2012 Strategy Briefing This is the means that Obama used to win in 2008. We need to study this and try to beat him at his own game.


2011.04.22 - FNC - Hannity - Behind The Bias - The Invisible Narrative (How MSM Double Standards...)


2011.04.22 - FNC - Hannity - Behind The Bias - The New York Times ('Paper of Record' Not Living...)


2011.04.22 - FNC - Hannity - Behind The Bias - How It All Began (Media Bias Dates Back to the 1930s)


2011.04.25 - FNC - America Live - Shannon Bream - Lou Dobbs On Obama Regime Blocking Arctic Drilling

I Saw The Lord


>>>>>>>>>"Choosing Liberty"<<<<<<<<<


Petition to Redistribute GPA Scores


Ban Assault Magazines   


"I Wipe My A** With the American Flag": The New Civility of the Left on Display

>>>>> This is the type of people that the Democrat party attracts!! <<<<<


6 Year Old Girl Groped By TSA 

The TSA will not do this to a Arab as they are afraid of "RACIAL PROFILING."


NRA Life of Duty Patriot Profile -- Patriot Guard Riders


2011.04.13 - FNC - Your World - Neil Cavuto vs. Eddie Bernice Johnson (Incredible Stupidity EXPOSED)


Missouri Attorney Gen. Democrat Chris Koster: Obamacare Unconstitutional, Sues To Overturn


2011.04.11 - FNC - O'Reilly - STUNNING - O'Reilly Confirms Leftist Effort to 'Collapse the System'


2011.04.08 - FBN - Is Demand Destruction on the Way for Oil (Oil & Diesel Prices Destroying Demand)


The Most Important Thing We Can Do...


Harry Reid Country Doesn't Care Much About The Tea Party


Mo Sabri - Johnson City, Tennessee  


An Obama Shutdown: How Could We Tell?   


Gender Does Matter


Rep. Jim McDermott (D-WA): Tired of Reading Constitution

The Constitution allows his job. If he doesn't like the Constitution, I suggest he move to Cuba! Note: he is a democrat


President Barack Obama's First Ad of 2012


Losing Our Sons Trailer


UN Declares War on Property Rights - Most of the USA would be Off Limits to Americans


End of Liberty 


Above the Tear line: Emergency Evacuation Plans


Raw Footage: The Best Tea Party Ever!


WE THE PEOPLE (Silent Majority No More)


A New Dawn Rises


CNS News FOIA Re: SJC Justice Kagan


Song of the Patriot


John C. Goodman - ACA Testimony




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